Iyengar Style Thakkali Thayir Pachadi (Tomato Raita): Step by Step

South Indian cooking is generally seasonal, simple, and devoid of too many spices. Made with minimal ingredients, the food tends to be healthy as well as tasty. Of course South Indian cuisine also has spicy, complex dishes as well - but most everyday dishes from this cuisine are really simple to make, yet so delicious … Continue reading Iyengar Style Thakkali Thayir Pachadi (Tomato Raita): Step by Step


Paruppu Rasam / South Indian Style Spiced Tomato Broth with Lentils

Hello! 🙂 If anybody asked me what my most favourite dish in the world is, I would say Rasam! For me, this comes on top of everything (yes, even curd rice ;)) and this version of Rasam, i.e., Paruppu Rasam is the best version of Rasam there ever is. This consists of a broth made … Continue reading Paruppu Rasam / South Indian Style Spiced Tomato Broth with Lentils

Easy One Pot Khichdi with Moong Dal & Vegetables

Khichdi is the quintessential North Indian comfort food, among others like rajma-chawal, dal-chawal, and kadhi-chawal. It's what they eat when they crave comfort food, or when you need warmth during the cold winter months 🙂 This dish is very versatile in that it tastes great plain, with spices, and with as many or as little … Continue reading Easy One Pot Khichdi with Moong Dal & Vegetables

Homemade Veg Pizza

Hello! This is a guest post from my sister Sathya - who has also been bitten by the culinary bug like me 😀 My sister is my partner in crime - we discuss recipes, cookery shows, restaurants, flavour combinations and such things endlessly. Although we've been in different cities after I got married - and … Continue reading Homemade Veg Pizza

Dinner in a Bowl – Minestrone Soup

This soup is a winter staple. It is light, but incredibly satisfying. It warms you from inside, and is lovely especially when you have caught a cold, or when its cold outside J I have had this soup frequently during my Masters days in the UK. It stores well in the fridge, and is flexible … Continue reading Dinner in a Bowl – Minestrone Soup

Tomato & Green Peas Masala Rice

Prep time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes   Ingredients Cooked and cooled Rice – 1 cup (ordinary or Basmati) Fresh Tomato – 1 big, chopped finely Onion – 1 medium, chopped finely Fresh Green peas – ½ cup Ginger and garlic paste – ½ tsp Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp Kashmiri Red Chilli powder … Continue reading Tomato & Green Peas Masala Rice

Quick & Tasty Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer butter masala is a creamy, yummy, gravy-style dish. While I was growing up, this used to be standard order alongside a plate of Tandoori Roti or Butter Naan. It is best eaten at a restaurant was my opinion: D The reason most people prefer eating this dish at a restaurant, is because restaurant gravies … Continue reading Quick & Tasty Paneer Butter Masala

Vendakkai Poriyal / Okra dry curry (with tomato)

Ladies finger or Okra is an oft-used vegetable in South Indian homes. It is called ‘Vendakkai’ in Tamil. We tend to normally use this vegetable in Sambar, Morkuzhambu and Poriyal. I was told by my mom that eating Vendakkai makes you a Maths whiz although I haven't really seen any specific, scientific evidence to prove … Continue reading Vendakkai Poriyal / Okra dry curry (with tomato)

Tomato Chutney (chunky style)

This humble tomato chutney is hands down my favorite chutney. When I was little, I used to hate the coconut chutney that was made at home, because I found it runny and bland. I would pester my mom to make tomato chutney for me and refuse to touch my food until she did 😀 . … Continue reading Tomato Chutney (chunky style)

Kadai Paneer (Cottage Cheese Curry with Bell Peppers)

It is surprising how quick this dish is to put together; yet the end result does not at all look like it has come together in a matter of minutes. Kadai Paneer is an aromatic, colorful and delicious curry. IMHO, although the main ingredient is cottage cheese, the hero of this dish is (surprisingly again) … Continue reading Kadai Paneer (Cottage Cheese Curry with Bell Peppers)