Homemade Khoya / Khova / Mawa : Step by Step

Milk gives you several by-products with varied consistencies at different stages of boiling - and a variety of sweets or savouries can be made with the resultant products.  Khoya, or Khoa, or Mawa, is basically evaporated milk solids that is prepared by boiling full cream milk over a low flame continuously over an extended period … Continue reading Homemade Khoya / Khova / Mawa : Step by Step


Rasmalai/ Rasamalai- Recipe-Step by Step

Hello! 🙂 Hope you all are having (or had) a happy weekend. It is the month of India's biggest and grandest festival, Diwali, and it is raining offers and discounts. Be it clothing, home appliances, jewellery, or beauty products, there is a sale on pretty much everything. While everyone out there is busy shopping this weekend, … Continue reading Rasmalai/ Rasamalai- Recipe-Step by Step

Navarathri Special: Semiya (Vermicelli) Kesari, Step-by-Step

For Day 4 of Navarathri, a very traditional dessert dish - Semiya Kesari ! A pudding style sweet dish, traditionally made in our house for festive occasions. Very quick to make (takes all of 10 mins) and tastes delicious! Hello all! 😀 It is day four of Navarathri today, and I see a lot of people … Continue reading Navarathri Special: Semiya (Vermicelli) Kesari, Step-by-Step