Corn Capsicum Masala

Hi Everyone! 🙂 I'm Sathya! You guys must know me as Nithya's sister - I'm not new to this blog, and i've already written a post here (Veg Pizza). I'm taking over this blog for a while just so that we can fill in for each other when busy, so you as readers won't see … Continue reading Corn Capsicum Masala


Mango Thokku (Grated Raw Mango Pickle)

Summer means mangoes. I like mangoes of all kinds, all colours and all shapes from all states 😀 Although a ripe orange-yellow mango is the most sought after, the humble raw mango is no less in terms of taste and its contribution to the repertoire of finger-licking dishes. The beaches in Chennai are filled with … Continue reading Mango Thokku (Grated Raw Mango Pickle)

Red Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Chutney

This is a slightly unusual, but extremely tasty chutney. It breaks the monotony of having the usual coconut/tomato/onion chutneys with South indian breakfast mains like idly, dosa, upma etc. This chutney is delicious and versatile in that it has a variety of uses. Add some cream, oregano, pepper and use it as a pasta sauce, … Continue reading Red Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Chutney