South Indian Style Pineapple Rasam : Step by Step Recipe

Our love for rasam is already documented on this blog, here. Being a South Indian Tamil Brahmin, rasam is a well-loved, time-tested, and central part of our everyday traditional cooking repertoire. Rasam is generally had as a soup after the meal, or eaten with rice as a main dish. Although this is a very simple … Continue reading South Indian Style Pineapple Rasam : Step by Step Recipe


Kaara Boondhi / Khara Boondi

'Boondhi' is derived from the root word 'boondh' which means drops or droplets. It involves the process of dropping the chickpea flour batter from a perforated ladle, and the round droplets frying to a crisp in the hot oil. The boondi adapts well to sweet as well as savoury flavours. This recipe here is the … Continue reading Kaara Boondhi / Khara Boondi

Lasooni/Lehsuni (Garlic) Dal Tadka with Step-by-Step Pictures

Hello all! 😀 Lasooni Dal is one of my most frequently made recipes of all time. This goes really well with a plate of hot, plain basmati rice and of course, ghee on top! 😉 Its simplicity is what makes it taste so amazing; eat it with some pickle on the side and add some … Continue reading Lasooni/Lehsuni (Garlic) Dal Tadka with Step-by-Step Pictures

Paneer-Mint Chutney Sandwich

That I am a paneer lover is no secret. Also, this is such a yummy sandwich! Actually this wasn't even meant to be blogged. One fine morning, I just threw together a couple of available ingredients I had in the kitchen (of course I always have paneer in the fridge!) to make a decent filling … Continue reading Paneer-Mint Chutney Sandwich

Homemade Veg Pizza

Hello! This is a guest post from my sister Sathya - who has also been bitten by the culinary bug like me 😀 My sister is my partner in crime - we discuss recipes, cookery shows, restaurants, flavour combinations and such things endlessly. Although we've been in different cities after I got married - and … Continue reading Homemade Veg Pizza

Pasta Primavera & Garlic bread

Primavera means 'spring'. This pasta dish is a delicious combination of penne pasta drowning in a medley of sautéed  vegetables & rich cream sauce. I like to use penne for this dish as the pipe- shaped pasta helps hold up the cream sauce and you get enough sauce  and vegetable with every bite ! 🙂 A side … Continue reading Pasta Primavera & Garlic bread