A Vegetarian’s Eating Guide to Italy: An Introduction

One of the biggest challenges of being a vegetarian, i.e. not consuming any animal meat or eggs, is surviving in a country which is different from your own. In India, vegetarianism is linked to culture, religion and Ayurveda, hence it is deeply rooted as a way of life. It is very easy to find 'pure … Continue reading A Vegetarian’s Eating Guide to Italy: An Introduction


Jeera Rice & Dahi Bhindi Masala

Another hot steaming plate of comfort food during the rains! 🙂 Jeera rice is nothing but steamed Basmati white rice seasoned with Cumin. Dahi Bhindi Masala translated means Okra in spiced Yoghurt sauce. Jeera rice is a breeze to make, and the Dahi Bhindi Masala (although involves some effort) compliments the rice deliciously well.  Read on … Continue reading Jeera Rice & Dahi Bhindi Masala

Corn Cheese Poppers with Tomato Salsa

Monsoon has arrived in Mumbai. Its been raining almost incessantly since the last few days, disrupting transport,  water logging low lying areas, and felling the occasional unsuspecting tree branch. This means that I was cooped up inside my home all day long, confining myself to indoor activities like reading books, watching tv, staring out of … Continue reading Corn Cheese Poppers with Tomato Salsa