Beetroot Curry (dry) with Coconut

Here's wishing everyone a healthy, peaceful and very Happy New Year 2014!! Beetroots have a lovely, deep red colour almost bordering on purple. They are super healthy foods that offer detox, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Regular consumption of beetroot is also good for getting iron into your system 🙂 We generally have  a variety of … Continue reading Beetroot Curry (dry) with Coconut


Vendakkai Poriyal / Okra dry curry (with tomato)

Ladies finger or Okra is an oft-used vegetable in South Indian homes. It is called ‘Vendakkai’ in Tamil. We tend to normally use this vegetable in Sambar, Morkuzhambu and Poriyal. I was told by my mom that eating Vendakkai makes you a Maths whiz although I haven't really seen any specific, scientific evidence to prove … Continue reading Vendakkai Poriyal / Okra dry curry (with tomato)