Basic Vegetable Bajji: Step by Step

Bajji, a type of vegetable fritter made from gram flour, is a famous street-style food enjoyed all across India, particularly during the monsoons.Β In most homes, just cloudy weather and/or rain, or even just a Sunday is enough reason for bajji to be made πŸ˜€ There are several vegetables from which this fritter can be made, … Continue reading Basic Vegetable Bajji: Step by Step


Red Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Chutney

This is a slightly unusual, but extremely tasty chutney. It breaks the monotony of having the usual coconut/tomato/onion chutneys with South indian breakfast mains like idly, dosa, upma etc. This chutney is delicious and versatile in that it has a variety of uses. Add some cream, oregano, pepper and use it as a pasta sauce, … Continue reading Red Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Chutney

Tomato Chutney (chunky style)

This humble tomato chutney is hands down my favorite chutney. When I was little, I used to hate the coconut chutney that was made at home, because I found it runny and bland. I would pester my mom to make tomato chutney for me and refuse to touch my food until she did πŸ˜€ . … Continue reading Tomato Chutney (chunky style)