Soft Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls / Pav Bun Recipe: Step by Step

Hello! 🙂 Dinner rolls are really soft, spongy buns that are usually served at restaurants and dinner parties, usually as an accompaniment. While I was living in the UK, I often noticed that almost every Italian restaurant served Dinner Rolls or a kind of bread (usually for free), as a starter before you even make … Continue reading Soft Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls / Pav Bun Recipe: Step by Step


Easy Tawa/Pan Grilled Vegetables & Cheese Sandwich

The process of grilling, along with the flames and the seasoning, works wonders for the flavor of any dish. Caramelizing beautifully, it ups the taste of the said vegetable by several notches. There are some vegetables that take amazingly to grilling - such as sweetcorn, onions, eggplant, squash/zucchini, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms etc. … Continue reading Easy Tawa/Pan Grilled Vegetables & Cheese Sandwich

Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

We had this for breakfast today. If you love paneer, you will absolutely love this sandwich. It is flavourful, cheesy from the hot, melting Paneer - and crispy on the outside. Filling, nutritious and totally delicious ! Ingredients: Fresh Paneer - 200gm, crumbled by hand Bell peppers - 1/2 each of one red, yellow and … Continue reading Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

Sweet corn Mayo Sandwich

This sandwich is very easily put together and makes a scrumptious meal by itself or with some salad on the side. I had this for breakfast with a side of ketchup and found it to be quite filling . In fact, since I used some homemade, medium-spicy Tomato Chutney  in the sandwich, the filling was … Continue reading Sweet corn Mayo Sandwich