Kaara Boondhi / Khara Boondi

'Boondhi' is derived from the root word 'boondh' which means drops or droplets. It involves the process of dropping the chickpea flour batter from a perforated ladle, and the round droplets frying to a crisp in the hot oil. The boondi adapts well to sweet as well as savoury flavours. This recipe here is the … Continue reading Kaara Boondhi / Khara Boondi


Mango Thokku (Grated Raw Mango Pickle)

Summer means mangoes. I like mangoes of all kinds, all colours and all shapes from all states 😀 Although a ripe orange-yellow mango is the most sought after, the humble raw mango is no less in terms of taste and its contribution to the repertoire of finger-licking dishes. The beaches in Chennai are filled with … Continue reading Mango Thokku (Grated Raw Mango Pickle)

Beetroot Curry (dry) with Coconut

Here's wishing everyone a healthy, peaceful and very Happy New Year 2014!! Beetroots have a lovely, deep red colour almost bordering on purple. They are super healthy foods that offer detox, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Regular consumption of beetroot is also good for getting iron into your system 🙂 We generally have  a variety of … Continue reading Beetroot Curry (dry) with Coconut

Palak Keerai Kootu (Spinach in fresh coconut gravy)

A simple and nutritious dish that is quick to prepare and delicious to eat, Keerai kootu is an oft-repeated staple during the summertime, when greens are available in abundance. Needless to say, greens are loaded with essential nutrients that are good for health; this is an easy and tasty way to serve them up. The … Continue reading Palak Keerai Kootu (Spinach in fresh coconut gravy)

Instant Cut Mango Pickle (Manga Oorugai)

This instant Cut Mango pickle is the traditional go-to pickle of the summer season in most South Indian households. This is due to the ease of making this dish, abundance of raw mangoes during summer, and most importantly because this is a fantastic accompaniment to the quintessential 'Thayir saadham' or Curd rice. At my place, … Continue reading Instant Cut Mango Pickle (Manga Oorugai)