Quick and Easy Rose-Coconut Laddoo (With Khoya)

Love coconut? Need a quick recipe for a sweet dish that does not require any planning ahead, requires minimal ingredients, takes very little effort, but tastes amazing? Looking for a beginner's recipe that is not intimidating and is easy to make? I have just the recipe for you - Rose and Coconut Laddoos! 😀 Incredibly... Continue Reading →


Kaara Boondhi / Khara Boondi

'Boondhi' is derived from the root word 'boondh' which means drops or droplets. It involves the process of dropping the chickpea flour batter from a perforated ladle, and the round droplets frying to a crisp in the hot oil. The boondi adapts well to sweet as well as savoury flavours. This recipe here is the... Continue Reading →

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