Chocolate Covered Dates Stuffed with Whole Almonds

Dates are one of the best naturally sweet foods that you can eat. Eating 1-2 dates each day can help give you instant energy and make a good addition to a balanced diet. Dates offer a plethora of nutritional benefits: they act as laxative and help in relieving constipation and regulating intestinal function. The significant... Continue Reading →


Chocolate-Strawberry-Oat Truffles

We're celebrating this blog's 50th post today, and it really means so much to have reached this milestone! It has been a while since Nithya first started this blog, and we've surely learnt a lot through this journey. We thank everyone for their patience and support 🙂 I follow a number of Vegan bloggers on YouTube,... Continue Reading →

No-bake Nutella and Raspberry Jam Tarts

  This dessert is a cinch to make. No oven required, not even a stove. No meticulous stirring or measuring of ingredients needed. Just throw in dollops of stuff together to make this absolutely delectable dessert that I guarantee will disappear in minutes!!! The juicy raspberry jam centre is a perfect complement that gives spurts... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Cream Pot with Melty Yogurt Centre

This dessert was born out of necessity. Or craving. The absolute necessity to eat something sweet one late afternoon. I was craving for something that was pannacotta-ish, after watching re-runs of Master Chef Australia contestants churning out an endless number of  fabulous looking pannacottas in myriad flavours on TV. For me, the problem with making... Continue Reading →

White Chocolate & Oreo fudge bars

I was toying with a lot of sweets recipes and couldn't decide which one to use to kickstart the dessert section of this blog. However, one fine day, I was looking for a no bake cheesecake recipe, and I chanced upon this amazing website called Averie cooks . This website is a treasure trove of... Continue Reading →

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