Quick & Easy Red Fruits Jam / Preserve: Step by Step

Its strawberry season! I absolutely adore any kind of berries. I add them to my smoothies, salads, dessert, and to make salsa, gazpacho, sauces etc. etc. I am known to basically go crazy during berry season hoarding them like there's no tomorrow 😀 In India especially, I don't get other berries except for strawberries, freshly … Continue reading Quick & Easy Red Fruits Jam / Preserve: Step by Step


Candied Orange Peel

I absolutely love the fragrance of fresh oranges.  My room smelled of fresh oranges for hours after I sat and peeled oranges for this recipe, and my kitchen smelled divine the whole evening after I boiled the peels in syrup. This is such a superbly easy dish to make, and tastes amazingly delicious! 😀 Orange … Continue reading Candied Orange Peel

Jaggery-Crusted Walnuts & Almonds (Candied)

I love food. I love to cook and am always trying out new recipes. I'm constantly hungry and munching on things. But I've also learnt the hard way that I need to watch over my health and fitness. As a  result, I'm always looking for healthier, non-junk stuff to snack on. While snacking on nuts, … Continue reading Jaggery-Crusted Walnuts & Almonds (Candied)

Mango Thokku (Grated Raw Mango Pickle)

Summer means mangoes. I like mangoes of all kinds, all colours and all shapes from all states 😀 Although a ripe orange-yellow mango is the most sought after, the humble raw mango is no less in terms of taste and its contribution to the repertoire of finger-licking dishes. The beaches in Chennai are filled with … Continue reading Mango Thokku (Grated Raw Mango Pickle)

Homemade Fresh Ground Garam Masala

Garam Masala – ‘Garam’ meaning hot and ‘Masala’ meaning mixture of spices in Hindi, is an integral part of North Indian cooking. This can be used in Curries, Gravies, Pulao and Biryani preparations to boost the flavor and impart a distinct & robust aroma to the dishes. There are many store-bought, packaged varieties of Garam … Continue reading Homemade Fresh Ground Garam Masala

Pomegranate Raita

Raita is an Indian yoghurt-based condiment commonly used as a side-dish to pair up with spicy rice dishes like biriyani and pulao. It is also served as a side to round off a meal of roti / chapati with a vegetable curry (like I did). Yoghurt is very versatile and can be paired with a … Continue reading Pomegranate Raita