Onestà (Sholinganallur, Chennai) : Restaurant Review

The word ‘onestà’ means ‘honest’ in Italian. The restaurant’s philosophy is to offer a ‘stay as long as you want’ and ‘eat as much as you want’ kind of experience in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to fill your plates with unlimited food as many times as you want.



We visited this new branch of Onesta located in Sholinganallur on OMR in Chennai. We visited on a Sunday, for lunch. We were just 2 people (DH & I), but we were ravenous and willing to try a lot of things on the menu. They have a huge and varied menu with lots of bread, pasta, pizza, beverages and dessert, with enough vegetarian options to go around. For everyone who is bored to death of Dominos Pizza or Pizza Hut or any other usual pizza place, this is a good alternative 🙂 This is great for a quick weekend stop, or when you need to satisfy your weekday pizza cravings!

What’s GREAT 😀

  • Big menu with lots of choices, both veg and non-veg; lots of vegetarian alternatives
  • Really bold and attractive pizza flavor combinations (like pineapple and caramel, chocolate & banana, tomato caprese, red pepper & pesto etc) at budget prices
  • Small (personal) sized pizzas allowing you to taste multiple varieties of pizzas from the menu without getting overly stuffed.
  • Good choice of starters, sides and dessert to go with the main pizza menu; very eye-catching dessert display at the entrance
  • Lovely decor, seating and lighting in the restaurant
  • Service is quick with minimal waiting
  • Lots of unlimited & limited combo offers which could prove very budget-friendly when you go to eat with a large group
  • Whether you go as 2 people or with a group of 20 people, you will definitely find some offer to suit your requirements, which is great.
  • Parking space available for both cars and two wheelers.

What’s NOT SO GREAT :/

  • We visited on a Sunday, for lunch. The restaurant was super noisy, with the music being really loud. We had to literally shout at each other to be heard.
  • Really crowded, due to which service quality was impacted. There was a mismatch between what was ordered and what was served, again because of the loud music and chatter in the restaurant. Although quick, waiters tend to forget your orders and/or mix it up with someone else’s.
  • Portion sizes really small (personal size), especially when you order thin crust pizzas, when you feel like you’re eating a sort of slightly thicker papad with toppings and cheese.
  • They don’t really have a multigrain / whole wheat crust option for any of their pizzas. All of them are made of APF (maida), which was slightly disappointing.

What we ate!

Cheese Sticks

Quite so-so in terms of taste; disappointing portion size.


Tomato Delight Bruschetta

Easily the best of the starters; really fresh and tasty, seasoned beautifully and finished with mayo on top.


Broccoli & Cheese Bruschetta

This was quite bland, and there was not much of a cheese element. It was just steamed and mashed broccoli with very little cheese, and lacked overall seasoning (read salt).


Spinach & Paneer Pizza (spinach and creamy paneer mixed with fresh tomato & cheese)

It was an okay pizza; we found the pizza a little on the dry and chewy side.


Cream Roasted Veggie Pizza (veggies marinated with herbs in a cheese and cream sauce)

We actually ordered this pizza as an afterthought, and I’m glad we did! This was the best of the lot we had; it had a lovely creamy sauce on the base, seasoned really well. The vegetables had an inherent sweetness to them due to the roasting process. Overall, my best dish of the meal. My husband who loves roasted veggies also obviously loved this pizza 😀


We were stuffed and didn’t really have room for dessert. Next time I guess 😀

Although there were flaws in service the first time, I think this place definitely deserves a second chance. Overall, I think this place is a good, budget-friendly pizzeria great for family and friends get-togethers. If you’re in and around OMR, do give it a try and let us know what you felt!



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