No-bake Nutella and Raspberry Jam Tarts




This dessert is a cinch to make. No oven required, not even a stove. No meticulous stirring or measuring of ingredients needed. Just throw in dollops of stuff together to make this absolutely delectable dessert that I guarantee will disappear in minutes!!! The juicy raspberry jam centre is a perfect complement that gives spurts of fruity sweetness in your mouth to complement the rich and chocolaty Nutella cover. You can use whatever flavour of fruit preserve you like, even substitute the Nutella for peanut butter or white chocolate – the world is your oyster! This can be stored in the fridge and transported easily to parties and get togethers. These treats make for excellent serving since they are bite-sized and each person tends to devour two or three – if you are like me 😛

Read on for the recipe!


Cupcake liners (I used mini-cupcake liners which turned out to be just right for size) 

For the filling:            

Raspberry/Strawberry preserve or jam of your choice

Nutella spread

For the crust:

Good day biscuits – 7 or 8

Melted butter – ½ cup

Sugar – 3 tsp

IMAG1141IMAG1144 IMAG1151

Stage 1

  • Blitz the ingredients for crust in a food processor or mixer until you have a fine crumbly mixture without lumps (like the texture of sand on a beach, but should clump together if you press with your hand).
  • Fill each cupcake liner with a little over one heaped teaspoon of this mixture. Press to flatten it along the contours of the cupcake liner with the help of the spoon. Press with the spoon to hollow it down at the center so that it can hold the filling.
  • Freeze the crusts for about 15 minutes. You can see that they will have set into the shape of the liners. Now you can begin filling them.

Stage 2

  • Spoon about ½ tsp of raspberry preserve into the individual tarts.
  • Freeze for another 15 minutes.


Stage 3

  • Spoon about 1 tsp nutella (or more) onto the top of these tarts to cover the jam completely. Use your spoon to smoothen out the nutella gently without mixing into the jam.
  • Now freeze these tarts for another 15 mins



Your hassle-free, no-bake and delicious dessert is ready to go!


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