Homemade Cardamom & Strawberry Ice cream – Eggless


I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream!! 😀


I am an ice cream fiend. There is an Ice Cream Works store near my place, which I totally adore for their yummy and delightful variety of ice creams. They have an amazing variety of frozen yoghurt as well. I am usually the first one to try all their new flavors. There was one point when my husband had to physically restrain me from walking to the ICW store every time I went to the food court in the mall :/


There was this ice cream maker I’d been eyeing for a long time. So imagine my delight when my sister gifted me the said ice cream maker for my birthday! I tucked the ice cream container into the freezer and plunged headlong into making ice cream the very next day. I asked DH what flavor he wanted, and he was undecided. From my routine trip to the supermarket, I came across a bunch of fresh strawberries and that decided what my ice cream would be!


Since this was my first time making Ice creams, I used a superb and easy recipe from Chefinyou. You can head over here for the original recipe. There are detailed step by step instructions which are easy to follow. The changes I made were that I substituted Cardamom essence in place of Vanilla, added Strawberry preserve and macerated the chopped strawberries, and used a combination of heavy cream, fresh cream and condensed milk for the base. My ice cream maker took 25 mins to get to soft-serve stage, at which point I took the ice cream out and mixed the strawberries in by hand. I let it set in the freezer for about 12 hrs; in hindsight, the ice cream took longer to set maybe because of my use of fresh cream.



This is easy to make, rich, and creamy. That it is eggless is an added attraction for vegetarians. The ice-cream turned a light pink with streaks of strawberry pieces everywhere. The cardamom was a perfect complement to the sweet-tart taste of the strawberries and made the ice cream a dream to eat. I shared this with neighbours who promptly asked me when I was going to make my next batch 😀


Try it 🙂 Once you make ice cream at home, you will never feel the need to go to the store again to buy ice cream !


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