Quick and Easy Rose-Coconut Laddoo (With Khoya)

Love coconut? Need a quick recipe for a sweet dish that does not require any planning ahead, requires minimal ingredients, takes very little effort, but tastes amazing? Looking for a beginner's recipe that is not intimidating and is easy to make? I have just the recipe for you - Rose and Coconut Laddoos! 😀 Incredibly... Continue Reading →


Kaara Boondhi / Khara Boondi

'Boondhi' is derived from the root word 'boondh' which means drops or droplets. It involves the process of dropping the chickpea flour batter from a perforated ladle, and the round droplets frying to a crisp in the hot oil. The boondi adapts well to sweet as well as savoury flavours. This recipe here is the... Continue Reading →

Rasmalai/ Rasamalai- Recipe-Step by Step

Hello! 🙂 Hope you all are having (or had) a happy weekend. It is the month of India's biggest and grandest festival, Diwali, and it is raining offers and discounts. Be it clothing, home appliances, jewellery, or beauty products, there is a sale on pretty much everything. While everyone out there is busy shopping this weekend,... Continue Reading →

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